- Albert Einstein said that we can live our lives in two ways. Either we believe that there is no magic, or we believe that everything is "magic".
I chose to believe that everything is magic and I am sure that everyone who was involved in the Wonderfest project chose to believe the same. Magic is to be able to create, even if only for one week in a year, a world in which adults become children and children become adults, a world in which desires are fulfilled and at the end we are all winners.
This is the world of Wonderfest!

Lavinia Sandru – Wonderfest President


Bogdan Gheorghiu

Minister of Culture

When I first heard the name of the WONDER FEST Festival, I immediately thought of Mihai Constantinescu's much-loved song: "A wonderful world".

I grew up with the chords of this song on the radio. Back then, the hits were called popular songs, and this song was a song of resistance for many years in a row. It was sung at all the celebrations, at all the dance competitions for children, it was really a delight for us, the little ones of that time, especially since the refrain had a children's choir as supporting voices.

In the wonderful world of that song there was a lot of sun, thousands of toys, stories and flowers, a world of innocence and joy.

Children have the same needs today, even though the world has changed so much in the last half century and, unfortunately, especially in the last two years, dominated by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through the "Wonderfest" Children's Film Festival, in pandemic times, which limits our options, we try to create, even virtually, a wonderful world for children and teenagers, to offer them a quality cultural product, a mix of cinema, debates and creative ideas, which will help them keep their hope in the good that will follow the period of restrictions, to remain cheerful and inventive, as is normal at such a wonderful age of childhood.

Lavinia Sandru

Wonderfest President

Creating a wonderful world can be a dream of any of us, if the world were represented by our home, family, friends.

It can also be an ideal, if we expand the world beyond our small environment, at school, on the street where we live, in the city where we live, to the people we meet.

Ideals and models are projected in our minds in childhood and teenage, but we build them during a lifetime. Even when we think the building is ready, there are always details that require fine sanding.

The last two years have shown us that our universe can be limited overnight to our own home, and ideals restricted to the good of loved ones. In times like these, we need to dream, to have imagination, escaping into a larger, complex and  different space. Fortunately, the technology of the 21st. century allows it.

With WONDERFEST we propose to children and young people to become the architects of their own dreams and to learn that no one and nothing can stop their creativity, but can, at most, give them the opportunity to find solutions that, otherwise, would not be tried.

I invite you, therefore, to build together a world in which the impossible is not existing, because the imagination is infinite.

We will surely succeed!


Marin Vladimir

Artistic Director Wonderfest, Selector

First of all, I would like to express my satisfaction that, despite all the pandemic and economic restrictions, the international film festival for children and youth – WONDERFEST manages to take place online this year, consolidating its tradition and prestige. As you will see film directors and producers addressing mainly to children sent us messages of appreciation but also of joy to be present at the meeting with young Romanian spectators.

We will see at this edition feature and animation films from the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, USA and Romania, new films that stand out both for their artistic quality as well by the consistency of the sent message. I could not conclude without sincerely thanking the film-loving children who in significant cities like Timisoara, Slatina, Craiova, Bistrita, Suceava,etc. joined in juries that will appreciate and decide the coveted awards of the festival.

I would also like to thank all those involved in the complex education process and training of the young generation, who understood that film can be an effective educational factor. We should think more deeply about the depths of ancient Confucius's thinking who found that ”nature makes us similar, and education distinguishes us ”.

Ada Hausvater

theater director, Director of the National Theater in Timisoara

At any moment of life, culture is essential, and now, when the planet has to choose again between light and darkness, to defend its freedom and the right to individuality, to science, to a beautiful life, to tomorrow and for the days to come over 50 years, now the culture is like a living water.

The art of theater supports the education and training of children, young people, adults, through its own art, the theater teaches Man to appreciate and live fully- Now.

Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow will come one way or another,  but Today is only now.

Only the Theater has this magical technique of Today. See you at the theater, in the hall or online!