- Albert Einstein said that we can live our lives in two ways. Either we believe that there is no magic, or we believe that everything is "magic".
I chose to believe that everything is magic and I am sure that everyone who was involved in the Wonderfest project chose to believe the same. Magic is to be able to create, even if only for one week in a year, a world in which adults become children and children become adults, a world in which desires are fulfilled and at the end we are all winners.
This is the world of Wonderfest!

Lavinia Sandru – Wonderfest President


Bogdan Gheorghiu

Minister of Culture

The whole world is put on a trial during this period and we all want to overcome the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated as soon as possible and with as few consequences as possible.

Although physical distance is essential, it is a time when we depend very much on each other, and solidarity has never been more important. But we have creativity and our own will as engines to overcome the crisis, and the cultural sector I am sure will explore this period through new means of artistic expression and social responsibility.

From the beginning of my term, the Strategy of the Ministry of Culture has been to build; to build the open doors policy, to build a better relationship between generations and a better connection with the representatives of this sector, to build where things have stagnated. This crisis has highlighted both the chronic problems of cultural infrastructure and the need for digitization.

I see how the Creative Cultural Sector adapts, using online communication platforms and available technology. I want to thank in this way all those who chose to refer to the period of emergency as a period of building, reinvention and awareness!

I congratulate the organizers for the achievement  of this festival of responsibility, of art that communicates to the public the need for humanity, of resilience through culture.

Eugen Ionescu said about childhood that it is the world of miracle and magic and that it ends when things stop being amazing.

Given that most film festivals around the world have been postponed or even canceled, it is a little "magic" that, an already established children's and youth film festival - Wonderfest - has managed to hold this year's edition entirely in the online environment.

Even if the traditional place of film festivals is in cinemas, such examples of turning crises into challenges are a recipe that can mitigate the unfortunately substantial impact  had by the current difficult context on the cultural sector.

Cultural creation cannot be missing from our lives until the relaxation of measures,  a  period we hope to be as short as possible. Children need film, music and imagination during this time, as well. The Ministry of Culture will continue to be with these initiatives that try to ensure, in these difficult times, an absolutely necessary continuity of the cultural act.

Lavinia Sandru

Wonderfest President

When I said, that if we had to, we could do this year's edition of Wonderfest online, everyone looked at me as if I were the Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland". And then of course I answered their eyes with the same words the Hatter replied to Alice when it came to the impossible: "Only if you believe."

Meantime, we have gone beyond the possible to the impossible, in a world that we will discover together this year, a virtual world, as mysterious as it is exciting.
A world that we can really say we will invent together and make it look the way we want it to be.
If you want, it can look like that unique land described by the same Hatter:

"There is a place that is unlike any other place on Earth.
 It is a land full of wonders, mystery and danger. "

Marin Vladimir

Artistic Director Wonderfest, Selector

A victory has always been even more valuable, all the more invigorating, the more it was obtained in difficult and unfavorable conditions. This year's edition of the Wonderfest Festival is, in spite of all national and foreign vicissitudes, a remarkable victory that marks - at least for Romania - the first attempt and I am convinced to be also the first success of an international film festival organized online. Obstacles, reservations, prejudices, hostility  or ignorance of some people no longer matter. Important is that the courageous initiative of such unique manifestation was embraced and supported by people with responsibility in culture, by Romanian and foreign filmmakers, by a creative and devoted technical and artistic team,but especially by the enthusiasm of a young  film fan audience. In an oppressive cultural vacuum, the film and its youngest lovers are the first daredevils in the fight to regain hope in the return and reunion in cinema-halls.