Republic of Moldova   2008 – 60 min

Director  Valeriu Jereghi
Screenplay  Anna Barduc
Photography  Valeriu Jereghi
Cast  Ion Babenco, Mihaela Babenco
Producers  Valeriu Jereghi, Andromeda Association, Prim Plan Studio

This medium-length feature film tells the drama of two children from a village in the Republic of Moldova, left alone at home, their mother having gone to work in Italy. The film had a great resonance in Europe, at many international festivals, awarded with more than 15 prizes, being screened even in the  European Parliament.

Two children left without parental care: a 7-year-old boy raises his younger sister. He is also the head of the family and a housewife, as well. It’s a tragic fate for a little boy. In addition to all the responsibilities he has, the child is also a student in the first grade. When asked by the teacher where his  mother is, he says that she has gone to Italy, pointing to the map with a finger…

The director Valeriu Jereghi from Moldavia made the film  like an  impression of a real story about two children left alone at home at Easter, who together baked a cake.

“I created the film Arrivederci in 12 days and 60 years” – Valeriu Jereghi