I don’t Want to Go on Mars

Romania 2019, 30 min

Screenplay Ion Octavian Frecea, Mihai Alexandru Răzuș
Director Ion Octavian Frecea
Animation Ion Octavian Frecea, Radu Pintilie, Bogdan Toma, Dan Neda
Producer MDV Audio Studio

In the laboratory with the flower garden, the teacher, together with Țuțu and Fătuca, discovers the energy particle.

Mr. D, looking for new sources of energy, upset that Țuțu did not he also gave her the formula, destroys the garden, snatches the energy tree and then sets off with Țuțu hostage to the planet Mars.Helped by his guardian angel, Țuțu manages to escape.Back home on Earth, Țuțu replants the tree uprooted by Mr. D. Now the garden is greener and more beautiful than ever.

The end.