I Want to Live

Lithuania 2018 – 110 min

Original title: Sirdys
:  Justinas Krisiunas
Screenplay: Leonidas Jacinevicius, Julius Paskevicius
Photography: Julius Siciunas
Music: Titas Petrikis
Cast: Motiejus Ivanauskas, Roberta Sirgedaite, Liubomiras Laucevicius
Producer : Dublis Production

A romantic drama that takes place in the late 20th century Lithuania. With its verdant scenery and warm atmosphere, I want to live takes the audience on a refreshing visit back to our recent history before the internet or smartphones.
As the story opens, a young and promising sprinter called Saulius is racing 200 metres as the favourite.
Approaching the finish line, Saulius unexpectedly collapses holding his chest. Because of his parents’ wishes, the defiant and sharp-tongued Saulius is sent to a sanatorium to recover, but he isn’t fond of the idea of being surrounded by ”corpses”.
However, there is a complete turnabout in his attitude when he sets his eyes on a patient called Milda, who is waiting for a heart donor.
Oulu CFF 2019 – Finland