Martha Bibescu – The Lady With Roses

Romania  2002

Direction and screenplay: Cristina Nichituş
With the participation of the actors: Ruxandra Sireteanu, Ştefana Zamfirescu, Eusebiu Ştefănescu, Eugen Cristea
Editing: Cristina Ionescu
Sound: Anusavan Salamanian
Music: Doru Ardelean
Photography: Dan Alexandru
Producer: Mihai Orăşanu – TOTAL PROFESSIONAL RECORDS & MDV Film, 2002

The documentary film M. B. – The Lady with Roses presents the exceptional personality of Princess Martha Bibescu. Lord Thomson of Cardington, referring to Martha Bibescu, states: “… Apart from the other gifts she was endowed with, she has an European way of thinking. The symbol of the rather complicated genealogy of Martha Bibescu’s family is the unity of Europe, the main axis around which all the threads that connect Martha Bibescu to Europe are tied, uniting Romania with France “. To make “MB – The Lady with Roses”, the director Crisitna Nichituş used strictly authentic documents: family photos, images of the Posada residence and of the Mogoşoaia Palace (restored by Princess Bibescu over 17 years), letters of a various correspondence circulating between Bucharest, Paris, London and Berlin.



2003 – Grand Prix at Document.Art – International Film Festival,  Câmpulung Muscel, Romania