“WONDERFEST” International Film Festival for Children and Youth

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth "WONDERFEST" is initiated and organized by the European Ecological Initiative Association. The festival takes place annually.

During the festival, the most valuable artistic and animated films, feature films and short films, Romanian and foreign for children and youth, will be selected and presented.

The festival is aimed especially at children and young people, but not exclusively at them.

The films will be presented free of charge to the interested public, with a special emphasis on attracting and interactive participation of all audience. The screenings, debates, meetings with the public  and  press will be attended by filmmakers, distributors, film critics and educational factors with responsibilities in training the young generation.

The festival has the following structure:

1. The official Competition, in which the most valuable feature and short films for children and youth will be presented, which have not been distributed in Romania and which have been produced in the last 3 years.

2. Panorama - presents outside the competition representative films from Romanian and international cinema dedicated to children and young people.

The films will be sent  for selection and inclusion in the festival on digital media (DVD, Blu Ray) or by online transfer. The films will be screened only one time during the festival,  in the original version with added  Romanian subtitles.

Regulations for the festival awards

The films will be evaluated and awarded by:

a) a specialized Jury made of professionals from the film industry from Romania and abroad

b) a Jury of students. The judging of the films will be performed exclusively by the students - members of the jury. The judging will be organized under the guidance of a jury coordinator (teacher) and with the help of the Artistic Director of the festival, based on individual judging sheets.


The Festival Awards are:


 - The students' jury will award the Grand Prix of the Festival .

 -  The jury of professionals will award the other specialized awards: best film, best director, best screenplay, best photography , best performance of a child actor.

The judging criteria that will be taken into account by the two juries (professional jury and student jury) will focus mainly on the artistic value, the educational message and the specific means of expression in cinematographic art (directing, screenplay, technical execution, sets, photography  and acting).


Festival organization

In order to select, the following materials will be presented to the organizers:

• a DVD with English or French subtitles of the film or an online downloadable link.

• biography and filmography of the director

• list of dialogues in English or French

• photo materials for the festival catalog

DVDs that will not be expressly requested to be returned to the distribution rights holder will not be returned, remaining in the festival archives.

Distribution rights holders to the films presented will expressly agree to their inclusion and presentation at the festival.

The concrete program of the festival by days and by hours, including the screening of films and the organization of events, prints, advertising, promotional and press materials, translations of films, etc. will be made 15 days before the start of the event.


“WONDERFEST” International Film Festival for Children and Youth, 3rd edition,

Online ,May 11-15, 2020, Bucharest, Romania


The International Film Festival for Children and Youth "WONDERFEST", the third edition is organized by the Pro Familia Association and takes place between 11-15 May 2020.

The program of the third edition is divided into three sections of film screenings for children and youth.

The first section, entitled "Competition" will  select  and present features,  animated films and short films, Romanian and foreign,  for children and youth. The Grand Prix will be awarded by a jury of 50 students, chosen and reunited  on a closed Facebook group.

A second section, entitled "Panorama", offers „hors-concours”  representative films from Romanian and international cinema dedicated to children and young people.

Starting this year, the festival has a third section, entitled "Snapshots" which will include films with a maximum duration of one minute made by students with mobile phone, capturing snippets, in their own vision, from the reality of these days marked by distance measures imposed by the actual Covid-19 pandemic.

The screenings of the films will take place, in a format adapted to the specific measures of transmission and distribution on the Festival website -, the Facebook pages of the Pro Familia Association - and the Wonderfest Festival - .wonderfest /, as well as those of the  festival partners (A7TV, Television School, influencers, etc.).

Viewing of  the films from the Competition and Panorama categories will take place in closed Facebook group, made up of 200 hundred spectators. Access to the group will be free, based on a request registered  on the FB page of the festival.

The films made by the students for the Snapshots category will be posted on the website and FB page of the festival - and will be distributed by the festival partners, and will be freely accessible even after the festival.