Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops

Workshop conducted by Mihai Panzaru PIM

Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops, using the three elements of plastic language - point, line and spot - to make minute portraits, with a pen, brush or pencil.


The digital revolution - the transformation of the film industry

Workshop given by Bogdan Ionescu

  • Tuesday, September 20

The digital revolution has transformed film processing, from a polluting and dangerous industry, to a green and environmental friendly industry. Flammable toxic substances and products have been replaced by bits and bytes. How our habits and lives have changed thanks to film and digital photography.
- film production: materials, chemical compounds
- development process: steps and stages, chemical baths, pollutants and / or health hazards
- the arrival of the first digital camera in 1975. Steve Sasson, the wronged inventor (how did I met Steve in 2002).
- how digital cameras and other devices such as projectors, printers are functioning and the contribution of the digital process to environment protection work
- what digitization means for our daily lives
- artificial intelligence and its role in changing society, in terms of professional life, hierarchies and new types of social inequalities.

The Play Button

Workshop given by Ovidiu Ușvat, actor

  • Tuesday, September 20

The Play button - is a workshop in which we will explore different ways in which a story can be told.

The workshop will address some aspects specific to the improvisation theater, we will play, we will discover new sides of our personality and thus we will create tale characters. The moments spent together will be dominated by good mood and active recreation.


From national to local television and vice versa. Trends, recipes for success in television

Workshop held by journalist Sorin Ghilea

  • Wednesday, September 21

Which television is more important, the national one, the local one?

Especially in the current context, when the pandemic and then the war have taken up the time of the Romanian viewers, placing them in front of small screens to see in real time how the situation in the vicinity and the region is evolving.

Television is a drug from which if you have "tasted" at least once it is very difficult to give it up.

In television, on the stage, in the spotlight, there is usually only one character, the one who leads the hostilities - in the most part live - while behind the scenes it's full of professionals who don't appear in front of the cameras. They are the ones without whom that media product would not exist.

If you want to know how a media project is born, together we can go through the necessary steps from idea to a successful product.

Sweet & Healthy

Workshop held by lecturer Corina Ifrim Dragulinescu

  • Wednesday, September 21

The "Sweet & Healthy " workshop focuses on the orientation towards correct food choices, likely to strengthen health and ensure harmonious development of children and young people.

Identifying the hidden dangers in the abundant supply of sugary foods is a first step towards proper nutrition.

In this way, the aim is to cultivate children's willingness to replace easy commercial options with healthier and nutritionally superior alternatives.


From comics to film

Workshop supported by Mihai Ionuț Grajdeanu

  • Thursday, September 22

Considered the 9th art, Comics is a way of communicating through text and image. During the comic strip workshop, the author and comic book teacher Mihai Ionuț Grajdeanu will invite the students to the world of comics, where they will discover what a comic strip is, who invented this art and what is the first comic strip in the world, followed by a presentation of its evolution. Participants will learn the first steps needed to create a comic book page: from the pencil sketch, to the final line and color. Several genres of comics will be presented by combining the drawing with the story (text) as correctly as possible and the method by which the comic strip - storyboard - is the basis for making short and feature films.

Mihai Ionuț Grajdeanu is an author and teacher of comics. In the last 11 years, he started three publishing projects: Dacian Legends, Didactic Comics, History of Comics and invented a museum (the Cosmic Museum within the Bucharest Municipal Museum). He initiated and organized a series of Comics exhibitions in different cities in the country, in addition to creating a Comics manual, numerous graphic novels, magazines and comic books published.

He initiated, under the auspices of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, in partnership with the Olympic Academy, the "Comics Olympics" - a unique initiative at World level, a competition dedicated to school and high school students, an event held under the patronage of the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO. He organizes the CNR - UNESCO comics camp and represents Romania at various international exhibitions and conferences, the most recent author exhibition being organized by The Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels, on the occasion of the Caragiale year ( the stage play "A lost letter" in comics, translated into French).